KARUIZAWA CITY ( White / Black )

When you think of fashion items that became famous after being worn by John Lennon, the first that comes to mind is probably the "New York City" t-shirt.
The photo of him taken in Central Park made a big impression. Well, this is a parody t-shirt for another place that's forever connected to John: Karuizawa!
If John had seen this, he would have worn it for sure, right...?!

ジョン・レノンが着用して有名になったファッションアイテムといえば、「NEW YORK CITY Tシャツ」。彼がニューヨークのセントラル・パークで撮影した写真は印象的です。そんなジョンのゆかりの地、軽井沢のご当地パロディT!!もしジョンがこれを見たら、きっと着てくれていたはず...!?

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